Origen: Irlandés. Today's Irish surnames are underpinned by a multitude of rich histories. The name Brogan originally appeared in Gaelic as O Brogain. The origin and meaning of the name is uncertain. The translation which means descendant of the young sorrowful one from the Gaelic word bron, which means sorrow is erroneous. First found in counties Mayo and Sligo in north Connacht where they had been a part of the ancient Ui Fiachrach since before recorded history. The Irish name Brogan is derived from the native Gaelic O'Brogain Sept that was located in the Province of Connaught and in County Mayo in particular. It is in Mayo and in surrounding Counties that the majority of descendants can still be found.

Variantes: Brogan, Brogin, Brogon, O'Brogan, Brogen, Brochain y otros.