Cabot / Cabott

Origen: Normando. Inglaterra: First found in Jersey in the Channel Islands where they were seated from very early times and were granted lands by Duke William of Normandy, their liege Lord, for their distinguished assistance at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 A. Some of the first settlers of this name or some of its variants were: Antoine Cabot arrived in Louisiana in 1756; Stephen Cabot arrived in Philadelphia in 1821. Encontrados primero en Jersey en las Channel Islands donde ellos fueron sentados de tiempos muy tempranos y fueron otorgados las tierras por Duque William de Normandía, su Señor feudal, para su ayuda distintiva en la Batalla de Hastings en 1066 A. Parte de los primeros colonizadores de USA, de este nombre o algunos de sus variantes fue: Antoine Cabot llegó en Louisiana en 1756; Stephen Cabot llegó en Filadelfia en 1821. Francia: First found in Provence, where they were the Lords of Tourette and Châteauneuf and where they have been seated from very early times. Encontrados primero en Provenza, donde ellos fueron los Señores de Tourette y Châteauneuf y de donde ellos han sido sentados de tiempos muy tempranos

Variantes: Cabot, Cabott, Cabbott, Chabot, Chabot, Chabote, Shabot, Cabot, Chabbot, Chabau, Chabo, Chabaux, Chabotte, Chabbeau, Chabbeaux, Chabbau, Chabbo, Chabbaux, Chabeu, Chabbeu, Shabeau, Shabeaux, Shabau, Shabo, Shabaux, Shabbot, Shabbeau, Shabbeaux, Shabbeau, Shabbeaux, Shabbau, Shabbo, Chabaud, Chiabaudi, Chiabaudy, Chabaudy, Chabod, Chaboz y otros.

Coat of Arms: Gold with three chabots (fish).

Crest: A gold escallop.

Coat of Arms: A shield divided per pale, the left half is black with a gold tower surmounted by a gold sun; the right half is blue with three silver bullheads (fish).

Crest: A red bullhead.

Motto: Concussus Regurgo.