Origen: Escocés. First found in Angus where they were traditionally descended from the Kings of Denmark and assisted in the restoration of King Fergus II in the year 404.

The rugged west coast of Scotland and the desolate Hebrides islands are the ancestral home of the Cameron family. Their name indicates that the original bearer lived in either Cameron near Edinburgh, Cameron in Lennox, or Cameron in Fife. Thus, the name Camerons of the Lowlands is of territorial origin, from one of the three places so called. The Highland clan name Cameron may come from the Lowland name, but it is also derived from the Gaelic word "cam-shron," which means "wry" or "hook-nosed." The Cameron Clan was described as 'Fiercer than fierceness itself' and it was reputed to be one of the most ancient clans of Scotland. The hereditary name of the chiefs of the Clan is MacDhomnuill Duibh, from their ancestor "Black Donald." The first assured chief of the clan was not found until 1411, when Donald Du reigned in that year. Following this date, the clan split into three separate branches, one each at Letterfinlay, Strone and Glen Nevis, with the clan seat at Lochaber.

Variantes: Cameron, MacGuillonies, MacSorlies y otros.

Motto: "Aonaibh ri cheile", Unite.


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