Cantlon / Cantillon

CANTILLON (o CANTLON) es un apellido anglo-normando de larga existencia en Irlanda. En la Edad Media los Cantillon eran "Cantelupo", equivalente en latín a Cauntelo, el nombre de un lugar en Francia septentrional; pero ya en 1302 se usaba en Irlanda la forma Cantelowe. A mediados del siglo XIII esta familia estaba establecida en los condados de Kerry y Limerick, pero perdió sus propiedades en el primero de aquellos en el siglo XVII como pena por apoyar a la Confederación Católica.

Origen: Normando - Irlandés. First found in county Kerry where they were seated at Ballyheige where they had been granted lands after the Norman Invasion in 1172 by Strongbow. The Anglo- Norman Conquest of Ireland lead by Strongbow introduced the first non-Gaelic elements into Irish nomenclature. These Anglo- Normans brought some traditions to Ireland that were not readily found within Gaelic system of hereditary surnames. One of the best examples of this is the local surname. Local surnames, such as Cantlon, were taken from the name of a place or a geographical feature where the person lived, held land, or was born. These surnames were very common in England, but were almost non-existent within Ireland previous to the conquest. The earliest surnames of this type came from Normandy, but as the Normans moved, they often created names in reference to where they actually resided. Therefore, some settlers eventually took names from Irish places. Originally, these place names were prefixed by de, which means from in French. This type of prefix was eventually either made a part of the surname, if the place name began with a vowel, or was eliminated entirely. The Cantlon family originally lived in the place called Cauntelo in Northern France. Early medieval deeds record the surname Cantlon as de Cantelupo, the Latin equivalent of the Norman name de Cauntelo. Before their migration to Ireland, the Cantlon family spent a long period in England. The shrine of St. Thomas de Cantelupe, who was the last English saint canonized prior to the Reformation, is in Hereford Cathedral.

Variantes: Cantillon, Cantilon, Cantlin, Cantilupe, Cantlowe, Cantelowe, Cantell, Cantillion, Cantlon, Cantlow y otros.


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