Origen: Irlandés. The Irish name Carolan has a long Gaelic heritage to its credit. The original Gaelic form of the name Carolan is O Caireallain, derived from an obsolete personal name. First found in county Limerick where they held a family seat from ancient times.

Variantes: Carlin, Carling, O'Carolan, Carline, Karlin, Kerling, Kerline, Carlind, Carlynde, Carlyne, Carlyn, Carrlin, Carrling, Kerlynd, Kerlynde, Karlynd, Karline, Kearlin, Kearline, Kearlynd, Carolan, Carrolan, Carolyn, Carolyne, Caroline, Carolynde, Caraline, Carroline, Carlan, Carland, Carlon, Carlone, Karolin, Karolan, Karrolin y otros.

Motto: A stroked cat is gentle.


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