The name Caulfield in Ireland is often an anglicized form of the native Gaelic Sept name Mac Cathmhaoil which is more often anglicized as McCall. Other descendants bearing this name are of Anglo origin, especially as a prominent Caulfield family settled in Ulster where the majority of descendant families can still be found.

Origen: Irlandés. The Irish name Caulfield has a long Gaelic heritage to its credit. The original Gaelic form of the name Caulfield is Mac Cathmhaoil. The name Caulfield also comes from the Irish names O Gamhna, O Caibheanaigh and Mac Conghamhna, and Mac Carrghamhna. The Anglicized form of these last four Irish surnames is Gaffney, but for some obscure reason, this has often been changed to Caulfield. First found in Fermanagh where they held a family seat from ancient times.

Variantes: Caulfeild, Caulkin, Calfkins, Cawlfield, Cawfield, MacCaul, MacCawell y otros.

Motto: God is my guide,and my sword is my companion.



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