Sus armas: en campo de gules una orla de plata y encima una banda armiñada de oro. Cimera: una estrella de plata (Fuente: Eduardo Coghlan).

Cogley / Quigley / O´Quigley

QUIGG / QUIGLEY / QUICK / QUICKLEY. English nickname for an agile person, from Middle English quik or Old English cwic = lively. The surname is also sometimes derived from the palce where cinch grass grew. It was quick-growing grass. QUICK and its variations were also derived from Old English cu = cow + wic = outlying settlement, for the man at the dairy farm.

The name Quigley in Ireland is derived from the native Gaelic O'Coigligh Sept. Descendants bearing the name are now widespread throughout the country but can be mostly found in Counties Donegal and Kerry. Kegley, Cogley and Quigg have been used as variants of this name

QUIGLEY (Ver COGLEY) en Irlandés O´Coiglich, ha sido vertido al inglés como O´Quigley y Cogley. Es un clan originario de Co.Mayo que se dispersó en el sigo XV.

Origen: Irlandés. The Irish surnames in use today are underpinned by a multitude of rich histories. The name Cogley originally appeared in Gaelic as O Coigligh, which may be derived from coigeal, which denotes unkempt hair. First found in county Mayo where they were seated from very ancient times.

Variantes: O'Quigley, Quigley, Cogley, Quigly, Quigg, MacQuigg, McQuigge, O'Quigg, Twigg, Fivey y muchos más.



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