CONDRON es la forma anglicizada del apellido irlandés O'Conarain, clan originario del actual Condado de Offaly.

Origen: Irlandés. When the Anglo- Normans began to settle in Ireland, they brought the tradition of local surnames to an island which already had a Gaelic naming system of hereditary surnames established. Local surnames, such as Condron, were formed from the names of a place or a geographical landmark where a person lived, held land, or was born. The earliest Anglo-Norman surnames of this type came from Normandy, but as the Normans moved, they created names that referred to where they actually resided. Originally, these place names were prefixed by "de," which means "from" in French. It is thought that this family derived its name from when an ancestor lived in the settlement of Caunton in the English county of Nottinghamshire. The Gaelic form of the surname Condron is Condún. First found in county Cork where this ancient Norman family were granted lands by Strongbow for their assistance in the invasion of Ireland in 1172.

Variantes: Condon, Condone, Caunteton, Condun, Condin, Conden, Condan, Condine, Condune, Caundon y otros.



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