Are of Cambro (Welsh)-Norman descent from the family of Gilbert deAngulo (later: Gilbert N'angle), who participated in the Norman invasion of Ireland (1167-1172AD) with Richard deClare (Strongbow), Gilbert had two sons: Jocelyn and Costilo, and the son of the latter, known as MacOisdealbh (Gaelic for Son of Costilo) participated in the Norman invasion of Connaught in 1235, along with the deBurgos (Burkes) and the deLacys.  He established the Barony of MacOisdealbh (later: MacCostello) in eastern Mayo & western Rosscommon, which lasted some 400 years. The Costellos were the first of the great Norman families in Ireland to use the "Mac" (Son of) prefix to their name.  Like many other Cambro-Norman families they became "More Irish than the Irish themselves". The Barony of MacCostello is still an identifiable geopolitical district in Mayo to this day, and the Costello name is very common in Mayo.

Origen: Irlandés. The Costelo surname came to Ireland with the Anglo-Norman invasion of the 12th century. They were originally from the Norman family Nangles, or de Angulos, and descended in Ireland from Gilbert de Nangle. Costello and associated variations come from the personal name of a son of Gilbert, Oisdealbhach, whose name consists of the elements "os," which means "deer or fawn", and "dealbhadh," which means "in the form of" or "resembling." The Gaelic form of the surname Costelo, which predated the Anglicized version of the name, is Mac Oisdealbhaigh. This is the earliest recorded example of a Norman family assuming a Mac surname. The prefix O has sometimes been erroneously assumed. First found in county Mayo where they were granted lands by the Earl of Pembroke in the Anglo-Norman invasion of 1172.

Variantes: Costelo, Costello, MacCostello, Costillo, Costallo, Kostello, McCostello, Caustello, Costellow y otros.

Motto: Seek nothing beyond your sphere.


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