Courtney (Irlanda)

The name Courtney in Ireland is often of Norman origin being derived form the name de Courtenai. The native Gaelic O'Curnain Sept of County Kerry also sometimes adopted Courtney as the anglicized form of their name as well as the more usual Curnane or Cournane.

Origen: Normando. The name Courtney was brought to England in the wave of migration that followed the Norman Conquest of 1066. The Courtney family lived in Devonshire. The name, however, is a reference one of two areas bearing the name Courtenay in Normandy. The names of both of these areas derive from the Gallo-Roman landlord, Curtenus. First found in Devonshire where they held a family seat from early times.

Variantes: McCourtney, Courtenay, Courtney, Courtnay, Courteney, Courtny y otros.

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