Cramer (Irlanda)

The names Cramer and Creamer in Ireland are derived from the native Gaelic MacThreinfhir Sept that usually anglicized its name as either Traynor or MacCreanor. The Gaelic name means 'stong man'. The County Cork Von Kramer family of German origin, and settlers from England are also responsible for descendants bearing these names.

Origen: Irlandés, Alemán. The Irish surnames in use today are underpinned by a multitude of rich histories. The name Cramer originally appeared in Gaelic as Mac Threinfir, from the words trean, which means strong, and fear which means man. This name is often rendered MacTraynor or MacTreanor in English, but the Anglicizations Mac Crainor and MacCreanor are actually more phonetically accurate. First found in County Cork where they were seated from early times.

Variantes: Cramer, Creamer, McCramer, McCreamer y otros.

Motto: The sentinel sleeps not.

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