Creighton (Westmeath)


Origen: Escocés. El apellido de Creighton fue de origen territorial de la antigua baronía de su nombre en Midlothian. The old spellings of the barony are very various but Kreiton seems to be how the name was pronounced. La ortografía de la baronía de edad son muy diferentes, pero Kreiton parece ser la forma en que el nombre era pronunciado. This Scottish name is prominent in Ulster, also sometimes used as a synonym of Creaghan and Crehan.Turston de Crectune, who witnessed King David's charter to Holyrood, circa 1128 appears to be the first of the name on record and Henricus Crictannus witnessed a charter by Roger, bishop elect of St. Andrews in 1189. Este nombre escocés es prominente en el Ulster, también se utiliza a veces como sinónimo de Creaghan y Crehan.Turston de Crectune, que fueron testigos de la carta de David rey de Holyrood, en torno a 1128 parece ser la primera letra del nombre en el registro y Crictannus Henricus testigo de una carta por Roger, obispo electo de San Andrés en 1189. The ancient roots of the Creighton family are found in the Scottish-English border region where the ancestors of the name Creighton lived among the people of the Boernician tribe. The Creighton family lived near a border. This surname came from the Gaelic word crioch and the Old English word tune, which mean border and farm or settlement, respectively. Thus, the surname indicates that the original bearer lived near a border. The name may also have derived from a place name, such as Crichton, near Edinburgh, or the territories of Kreiton in Lothian. First found in MidLothian, where they held a family seat from very ancient times, some say well before the Norman Conquest and the arrival of Duke William at Hastings in 1066 A.D.

Variantes: Crichton, Creighton, Creaton, Craighton, Creton, Creeton, Crichten, Crighton, Chreichton, Creichtone, Creychton, Creychtoun y otros.




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