Cusack / Cusak

The name Cusack in Ireland has been in the country since the Anglo-Norman invasion in the twelfth century. The Sept was initially named de Cussac and later changed to Ciomhsog and was based in County Meath. MacCusack in County Clare is derived from the Mac Iosog Sept of that County.

Origen: Irlandés. When the Anglo- Normans began to settle in Ireland, they brought the tradition of local surnames to an island which already had a Gaelic naming system of hereditary surnames established. Unlike the Irish, the Anglo- Normans had an affinity for local surnames. Local surnames, such as Cusack, were formed from the names of a place or a geographical landmark where the person lived, held land, or was born. The earliest Anglo-Norman surnames of this type came from Normandy, but as the Normans moved, they created names that referred to where they actually resided. Therefore, English places were used for names when the Normans lived in England, and then Irish places after these particular Anglo- Normans had been settled in Ireland for some time. Originally, these place names were prefixed by de, which means from in French. However, this type of prefix was eventually either made a part of the surname, if the place name began with a vowel, or it was eliminated entirely. The Cusack family originally lived in the place named Guienne in the north of France. The surname Cusack belongs to the large category of Anglo-Norman habitation names, which are derived from pre-existing names for towns, villages, parishes, or farmsteads. The Gaelic form of the surname Cusack is Ciomhsóg. However, in the county of Clare, the Gaelic form of the name is Mac Iosóg. First found in county Meath, where they were granted lands after the Anglo/Norman invasion of 1172.

Variantes: Cusack, Cusacke, Cussack, Cossack, Cosack, Cewsack, Ceusack, Cowsack, Coussack, Cussach, Cussache, Cussoch, Coussack, M'Cusack, Cussick y otros.

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