O´Cahan / Cahan
Kane / Keane
MacCain / McCain / Cain / Kain
Kane / Keane



MacCain / McCain / Cain / Kain / Kane / Ó Catháin / MacCathain / O Cahan / Keane

Origin: Irish. MacCain originally appeared in Gaelic as O Cathain or Mac Cathain. First found in county Derry.

pelling variations: Cain, McCain, Caine, Kane, Kain, Cahan, O'Cahan, Kean, Keane, O'Keane, Ceane, Cean, Kahan, O'Kean, O'Kane, O'Kaine, Kaine, Keann, Cainn, Cainne, Kainn, Cahann, O'Cain, Kane, Kayne, Keaney, Keny, Keyne, O'Kane, O'Cahan, Cahan, O'Cain, McCloskey, McCluskey, McClaskeyand many more.

Motto: A stroked cat is gentle.

O´Kane (or Kane) is a famous name of both Scottish and Irish origin. The MacKanes hailed from Scotland and were derived from the McKean clan. The O'Kanes are from the Province of Ulster and derive from the O'Cathain Sept. It is in Ulster that the majority of descendants can still be found.



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