Sus armas son: en campo de azur tres lagartos, en palo, de su color natural, y por cimera un león pasante, mirando hacia atrás, de su color.

MacCotter / Cotter

MacCOTTER es uno de los bastantes numerosos apellidos irlandeses cuya "C" inicial está tomada del prefijo "Mac", pues en irlandés el apellido es MacOitir.

Origen: Irlandés. Although Ireland already had an established system of hereditary surnames, the Strongbownians brought many of their own naming traditions to the island. There were, however, similarities between the two systems. The Strongbownians, like the Irish, frequently used patronymic surnames, a form of surname that was built from the name of the initial bearer's father, or another older relative. Norman patronymic names, because they were originally formed in French, were often created by the addition of a diminutive suffix to the given name, such as -ot, -et, -un, -in, or -el. Occasionally, two suffixes were combined to form a double diminutive, as in the combinations of -el-in, -el-ot, -in-ot, and -et-in. These Stronbownians also created patronymic names by the prefix Fitz-, which was derived from the French word fils, and ultimately from the Latin filius, which both mean son. This prefix probably originated in Flanders or Normandy, it has disappeared from France entirely but remains common in Ireland even today. The Strongbownian surname of McCotter is derived from the popular Norse personal name Oitir. The Gaelic forms of the surname McCotter are Mac Coitir and Mac Oitir. First found in Oxfordshire where they held a family seat from ancient times.

Variantes: McCotter, Cotter, Cotters, Cottar, Cottare, Cotteres, Cottares, Coitter y otros.


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