MacCruitin / MacCurtin

Origen: Irlandés. Encontrados primero en el condado de Clare, donde ellos fueron un linaje antiguo de Thomond cuyo asiento de familia estuvo en Ennistymon. Irish surnames have been much altered from their original forms. Before being translated into English, Curtin appeared as "Mac Cuirtin," derived from the personal name "Cruitin," which means "hunchbacked." As this name is descriptive in origin, it is considered to be a nickname surname. Like the majority of early Irish hereditary surnames, nickname surnames were formed by adding either the prefix Mc, meaning "son of," or O, meaning "grandson of," to the root of the name.

Variantes: McCurtin, McCurtain, Curtin, Curtain, Cruitin, McCruitin, O'Curtin, O'Curtain, McCruttin, O'Cruttin, Cyrtayne, Curtayne, McCurtaine, O'Curtaine, O'Cruitin, O'Cuarthain, Cruitin, MacCruitin, MacCurtin y otros.