McCluskey / McCloskey

The McCloskey or McCluskey clan, although descended from the Milesian kings of Ireland, did not come into existence, in Ireland, until 1196 AD with the political murder of Murtough O'Loughlin, lord of Kinel-Owen, by Donagh, son of Bloscaidh (pronounced 'Blosky') O'Cahan, a subordinate chieftan. As was the custom after a noteworthy event, Donagh was permitted to begin his own family branch and adopted his father's first name as his family name and became Donagh O'Bloscaidh which, in time, evolved to McCloskey and other various spellings. It's beginning is well documented in the 'Annals of The Masters' and other historical records. It was a sub-sept of the O'Cahans and ruled an area of what is now County Derry, centered on Dungiven. When the English 'Plantations' forced them off their arable land in the plains, they took refuge in the hilly, less fertile hillsides of Benedy Glen which runs to the south-east from Dungiven. From there they migrated to nearby counties or overseas.

The spelling of the name has varied over the years due to the past illiteracy of the population and it's officials. Setps in Ireland: McCloskey, McCluskey, McLuskie, McCloskie, McClosey.

Origen: Irlandés. The McCluskey surname evolved from the Irish Gaelicnames O Cathain or Mac Cathain. First found in county Derry where they were a branch of the O'Kanes.

Variantes: McCloskey, McCluskey, McClaskey, McCloskie, McLoskie, McCleskey y otros.




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