Origen: Irlandés. Variante de Cullen. Encontrados primero en condado Wicklow donde ellos tuvieron un asiento de la familia de tiempos muy antiguos. While many Irish names are familiar, their past incarnations are often shrouded in mystery, reflecting the ancient Gaelic heritage of their bearers. The original Gaelic form of the name McCollin is Mac Cuilinn or O Cuilinn, which are from the word cuileann, which means holly. First found in county Wicklow where they held a family seat from very ancient times.

Variantes: McCollin, Cullen, Cullan, Cullane, O'Cullen, Cullain, Cullin, Cullon, McCullen, MacCullen, O'Cullane, Culen, Culan, Culain, Cullaine, Culaine, MacCulen, MacCollin, MacColin, O'Colen, O'Collen, O'Cuilin, O'Cuillin, O'Culane, O'Culen, O'Culhoon, O'Culloon, MacCullen, Cullain, Culon, Cullon, Culling y otros.