McCrea / McCrae / McCray

The names McCrea, McCrae and McCray in Ireland are of immigrant origin having been brought to the country by settlers who arrived from Scotland, especially during the seventeenth century. The main settlement area was the Province of Ulster and it is here that the majority of descendants bearing these names can still today be found.

Origen: Escocés, Irlandés. Cuando MacRae primero fue utilizado como apellido entre la gente escocesa antigua conocida como los Picts, era un nombre para una persona próspera. La forma gaélica del apellido MacRae es el mac Rath, que significa literalmente hijo de la tolerancia o hijo de la prosperidad.
McCrea was a Patronymic surname, derived from the Gaelic "Macraith," meaning "son of grace." First found in Invernessshire where they were seated from early times and their first records appeared on the early census rolls taken by the early Kings of Britain to determine the rate of taxation of their subjects.

Variantes: MacCrae, MacCraith, MacCrath, MacCraw, MacCray, MacCrea, MacCree, MacCreight, MacCrie, MacReagh, MacRae, MacRay, MacRie y muchos más.

Motto: Con fortaleza de ánimo.


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