Delahanty / Delahanly

Origen: Irlandés. Encontrados primero en Ormond en donde registros del apellido pueden ser encontrados en los Actos de Ormond de alrededor de 1441. In its ancient Gaelic form, the Irish name Delahanty was written O Dulchaointigh, which comes from the word dulchaointeach, which refers to a satirist. The ancestor of this Irish family is said to have been Muintir Cormac or Muintir Dulchonta, which was gradually anglicized over the years, until it was rendered as Delahunt or Delahunty. Although the name appears quite French, it seems highly unlikely that there are any French origins to the name, other than the Norman influence of the clerks, who began processing Irish names, as early as the 12th century. First found in Ormond where records of the name can be found in the Ormond Deeds from around 1441 on.

Variantes: Delahanty, Delahunt, Delahunty, DeLahunte, DeLaHunty, De-la-Hunt, Delahunt, Delahanly, y otros.

Motto: Firm in faith and war.


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