Delaney / Delany

MacLysaght escribe este apellido O'DELANEY, señalando que, aunque nunca lo lleva en la actualidad, el prefijo O' le pertenece, pues originalmente este nombre era, en irlandés, O'Dubhslaine, que fue anglicizado O'Delany y Delany. En los registros de pasajeros arribados a Buenos Aires hasta 1880, encontramos 8 DELANEY.

The Irish name Delaney is derived from the native Gaelic O'Dubhshlaine Sept that was located in the County Laois area in Upperwoods barony. There is still a strong representation of the name in Counties Carlow, Laois, Kilkenny and especially in County Dublin.

Origen: Irlandés. Today's Irish surnames are underpinned by a multitude of rich histories. The name Delaney originally appeared in Gaelic as Dubhshlainte. The word dubh means black, and Slaine is topographical; it is Anglicized as Slaney, and may refer to the river Slaney. First found in Leinster where they were seated from very ancient times, some say well before the Norman Conquest and the arrival of Duke William at Hastings in 1066 A.D.

Variantes: Delaney, Delany, Delane, Delaune, Dalaney, y muchos más.



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