Sus armas: en campo de plata, un cedro arrancado de raíz, de su color natural, teniendo a su izquierda un esclavo, de sable, encadenado, de gules, al tronco; y por cimera, sobre un monto de su color, un león rampante de oro.


The name Donnellan in Ireland is derived from the native Gaelic O'Domhnallain Sept that was located in County Galway in the West of the country, near Ballydonnellan. There are a number of variants of the name including Donellan, Donelan and Donlon, all of which are still most often found near the ancestral homeland.

Origen: Irlandés. Many variations of the name Donellan have evolved since the time of its initial creation. In Gaelic it appeared as O Domhnallain, derived from the personal name of Domhallan, Lord of Clan Breasail, from whom the sept claims descent. First found in Galway, where they held a family seat from ancient times.

Variantes: Donellan, Donnellan, Donnelan, Donelan, Donnellin, Donellin y muchos más.

Motto Translated: Too strong for any violence.