McDade / McDaid

The Irish names McDade and McDaid are derived from the native Gaelic Mac Daibheid Sept that was located in Counties Donegal and Derry in the North-West of the country. The Sept name translates as 'son of David' and there are a number of variants including MacDevitt, Davison and MacDavitt.

Origen: Irlandés. The Irish McDade surname is derived from the Irish Gaelic Patronymic name "Mac Daibheid," which means son of David. First found in on the Inishowen peninsula, in County Donegal, where a sept of this name claim David O'Doherty (d. 1208), a chief of Cenel Eoghain, as their ancestor.

Variantes: McDade, MacDaid, MacDavid, McDavid, Dade, MacDade, Devitt, MacDevitt, MacDavitt y otros.