McEnerney / McInerney

The names McEnerney and McInerney in Ireland are derived from the native Gaelic Mac an Airchinnigh Sept that was located in County Clare in the West of the country. Another Sept that adopted McEnerney as the anglicized form of their name were based in County Roscommon where Nerney is another variant.

Origen: Irlandés. Encontrados primero encounty Clare donde ellos fueron asentados antiguamente. Los nombres McEnerney y McInerney en Irlanda son derivados del gaélico nativo Mac an Airchinnigh que fueron localizados en el Condado Clare en el Oeste del país. Otro linjae que los McEnerney adoptaron como la forma anglificada de su nombre fue basada en Condado Roscommon donde Nerney es otra variante. The many Irish surnames in use today have long rich histories behind them. The name McInerney originally appeared in Gaelic as Mac an Airchinnigh, which means son of the erenagh. The word erenagh refers to a steward of church lands. This was originally an ecclesiastical task, but was later performed by laymen, becoming a hereditary trade. First found in county Clare, where they held a family seat from ancient times.

Variantes: McInerny, MacInerny, MacInerney, MacEnerney, McEnerney, McEnerny, Nerney, Kinnerk, Nerheny, Nertney, Nirney, McNertney, MacNertney, MacNerney y otros.


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