Origen: Irlandés. Encontrados primero en Limerick donde ellos fueron sentados antiguamente como descendientes de Sedna, el hijo de Cairbre Aedbha, descendiente de Olioll Olum, el Rey de Munster que murió en el año 234. First found in Limerick, where they were anciently seated as descendents of Sedna, son of Cairbre Aedbha, descended from Olioll Olum, King of Munster who died 234. The tribe were seated on the River Maig to Abbey Feale. Kennith MacEneiry, King of Conallo, was slain in battle in 1029. Irish history, after the Norman Conquest of England, was stongly influenced by the invasion of Strongbow in 1172, almost equal to the enormous Irish cultural impact on England Scotland, Wales and the whole of Europe before the Norman Conquest from the 1st to 7th centuries. Many Irish clanns, sept names were intermixed and family groupings became almost indistinguishable. This family name was found later in Casletown McEniry when they clann erected a castle at Kilmoodan. John McEniry, chief of his kin, of Castletown McEniry surrendered his lands but was re-granted them in 1607. Many others were forfeited in the 17th century.

Variantes: McEniry, McEnery, McInergh, McInneirghe, McEnnery, McKynery, Mannery, McEnrigh y otros.