The name Fenton in Ireland was brought to the country by English settlers in the seventeth century. The name is occasionally used as the anglicized form of the Gaelic O'Fionnachta Sept name, that is more usually changed to Finaghty.

Origen: Normando, Escocés. The name Fenton is of Anglo-Saxon origin and came from when the family lived in the region of Fenton. The surname Fenton originally derived from the Old English words Fenne and Tun which referred to an enclosed region by a dyke. There are numerous listings of this local name: a township near Carlisle, Cumberland; a chapelry in the parish of Beckingham, Lincoln; and a hamlet in the parish of Kettlethorpe, Lincoln. First found in Yorkshire where they held a family seat from very early times.

Variantes: Fenton, Fentun, Fentoun, Fentown, Fentoune y otros.

Motto Translated: Death before disgrace.



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