Finlay / Finley / Findley

The names Finley, Findley, Findlay and Finlay in Ireland are usually taken from branches of the Scottish Farquharson clan. These names are sometimes anglicized forms of the Gaelic O'Fionnghalaigh Sept of County Kilkenny, which was more often changed to Fennelly.

Origen: Escocés. The age-old Pictish-Scottish family name Findlay is derived from the Gaelic Fionnlagh which is often Anglicized to fair hero. First found in Banffshire, where they were descended from the Chiefs of the Clan Farquharson, one of the great federation of 26 Clans, known as the Clan Chattan.

Variantes: Findlay, Findlow, Findlaw, Finley, Finlay y otros.

Motto Translated: Brave in difficulties.

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