Sus armas: en campo de plata, un sotuer de gules.




Se dice que todos los FITZGERALD -que son numerosos en Irlanda- descienden de Maurice, hijo de Gerald, que acompañó Strongbow en la invasión del siglo XII. Aquel Gerald era condestable de Pembroke, en Gales, y estaba casado con Nesta, princesa de aquel país. En las listas de pasajeros de origen irlandés llegados a Buenos Aires entre 1825 y 1880 figuran doce personas de este apellido.

Origen: Irlandés. The Strongbownians added their own naming traditions to the eastern region of Ireland to which they arrived. The impact of this new tradition was not extremely disruptive to the pre-existing Irish tradition because the two had many similarities. Both cultures made significant use of hereditary surnames. And like the Irish, the Strongbownians often used prefixes to build patronymic surnames, which are names based on the given name of the initial bearer's father or another older relative. Strongbow's followers often created names that were built with the prefix Fitz-, which was derived from the French word fils, and ultimately from the Latin filius, both of which mean son. They also used diminutive suffixes such as -ot, -et, -un, -in, or -el, and occasionally even two suffixes combined to form a double diminutive such as -el-in, -el-ot, -in-ot, and -et-in, to build patronymic names. The surname Fitzgerald is derived from the Norman personal name Gerald, which consists of the Germanic elements geri or gari, which mean spear, and wald, which means rule. The name features the distinctive Irish patronymic prefix fitz, which means son of in Anglo-French. This is derived from the Old French word fils, which ultimately comes from the Latin word filius. The Gaelic form of the surname Fitzgerald is Mac Gerailt. First found in Munster, where they were granted lands by the Earl of Pembroke during his invasion of Ireland in 1172.

Variantes: Fitzgerald, Geraldines, Desmond, Gerald, Geralds y otros.

Motto Translated: Crom for ever.




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