Fitzsimmons / FitzSimon / FitzSimons / FitzSimond

The name FitzSimons in Ireland was brought to the county by settlers from England during the fourteenth century who formed the Mac Shiomain Sept along native Gaelic lines. The Mac An Ridire Sept of County Mayo adopted Eddery as well as FitzSimons as the anglicized form of their name. Descendants bearing this name can today be mostly found in Counties Cavan and Down.

Origen: Irlandés. Despite the fact that the Irish already had developed a system of hereditary surnames, the Anglo-Norman invaders imported their own naming principles. The Strongbow invasion marked the first introduction of non-Gaelic elements into Ireland. One of the most common types of surnames at this time was the patronymic surname, which was formed from the name of the initial bearer's father. Often, and especially in the case of French names, this was done through the addition of a diminutive suffix to the given name, such as -ot, -et, -un, -in, or -el. Occasionally, two suffixes were combined to form a double diminutive, as in the combinations of -el-in, -el-ot, -in-ot, and -et-in. Another way of forming patronymic names used by the Strongbownians was the use of the prefix Fitz-, which was derived from the French word fils, and ultimately from the Latin filius,: both mean son. Although this prefix probably originated in Flanders or Normandy, it is now unknown in France and is found only in Ireland. The surname Fitzsimmons is derived from the personal name Simon. The common Norman form of this name was Simund, which was ultimately derived from the personal name Shim'on, which is derived from the verb sham'a, which means to hearken. The name features the distinctive Irish patronymic prefix fitz, which means son of in Anglo-French. This is derived from the Old French word fils, which ultimately comes from the Latin word filius. The Gaelic form of the surname Fitzsimmons is Mac Shiomóin. Variations in the spelling of this surname were extremely common. First found in county Cavan, where they had been granted lands by the Earl of Pembroke for their assistance in the Anglo/Norman invasion in 1172. Though Fitzsimmons is an ancient name in Ireland, the surname is actually derived from the Normans and made its way into Ireland by way of England.

Variantes: Fitzsimmons, FitzSimon, FitzSimons, FitzKimmons, FitzKimmins, FitzSymons, Fitzsimmins, Fitzsymmons, Fitzkimmons, Fitzkimmins, Fitzsimon, Fitzsymons y otros.




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