Origen: Irlandés. Se encontraron primero en Co. Leitrim y Co. Roscommon donde ellos fueron asentados antiguamente como una parte del Clann O'Mulvey. First found in Leitrim and Roscommon where they were anciently seated as a part of the O'Mulvey Clann. Irish history was greatly influenced by the Norman invasion of 1172, and thereafter, the surnames of Irish Gaelic clanns and septs and many of the Norman families became almost indistinguishable. This family name was found later in Sligo. They are believed to be descended through the O'Mulveys from Dermod Ruanach, chief of one of the 'Four Tribes of Tara' and a King of Ireland in the 7th century.

Variantes: Gillooly, Gilhooly, Gillhooly, Gilluly, Gillulie, Gilooly, Gululie, Giluly, Giluley, Gulhouley, Gilhouly, Gollhooley y otros.


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