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The name Gordon in Ireland is often derived from the Scottish settlers who located in Ulster during the seventeenth century. Other descendants bearing this namewill derive from the native Gaelic Mag Mhuirneachain Sept who more usually anglicized their name as either Magournahan or MacGourneson.

Origen: Escocés. The ancestors of the first family to use the name Gordon lived among the Boernician tribe of ancient Scotland. They lived on the lands of Gordon, in the former county of Berwickshire, since ancient times. There is little doubt that bearers of Gordon came to Britiain with the Normans, and it is generally thought that they descend from the place named "Gourdon" in Saone-et-Loire, Normandy, but the oldest roots of the bearers of Gordon in Scotland may lie with the Boernician tribe of ancient Scotland. It is entirely possible that the Gordon surname was created from a pre-existing place name Gordon. It has been suggested that this place-name was originally derived from the Welsh (ancient Brithonic) words, gor and din, which mean "spacious" and "fort," and such, Gordon would be a type hereditary surname, known as a habitation name: one that is derived from a pre-exiting name for a town, village, parish, or farmstead. First found in Berwickshire, where legend has it that they were granted lands by King Malcolm Ceanmore, successor to MacBeth, in 1057, thus placing bearers of the name in lowland Scotland, before the invasion of the Normans.

Variantes: Gordon, Gordun, Gôrdon (Gaelic) y otros.

Motto Translated: Remaining.



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