Grennan / Grennon

Origen: Normando. Grennan is an ancient Norman name, that would have been used in Britain soon after the Conquest of the island in 1066. This name was given to a person who was a person who had a moustache. The name was originally derived from Old English words gernon or grenon, which meant moustache. First found in Montfiquet, in the district of Bayeux. Robert de Guernon accompanied the William the Conqueror at Hastings in 1066 A.D. Robert held estates in Herefordshire, Suffolk, and a great barony in Essex.

Spelling variations include:
Grennan, Grennon, Garnon, Garnons, Gernan, Gernon, Gernen, Garnham and many more.

Motto Translated: Not wealth, but contentment.



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