Griffith / Griffiths

Origin: Welsh, Irish. First found in Chirk where they were seated from very ancient times, descended from the ancient Princes of Wales. The name Griffiths is from the rugged landscape of Wales. It is a Celtic name that was derived from the Welsh personal names Griffin, Gruffin, or Griffith. These were pet-forms of the Middle Welsh name Gruffudd, which was borne by many Welsh princes. The most prominent of these was Griffith ap Cynan, the King of North Wales and the founder of the first Royal tribe of Wales; he was the eldest son of Rhodri Mawr, the first recorded King of Wales.

Spelling variations include: Griffith, Griffiths, Gryffudd, Gryffuths and others.

Motto Translated: "Firmitas et Sanitas", Strength and health.

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