Origen: Escocés. Rugged coastal mountains and the windswept Hebrides islands were the home of the first family to use the name McGaha. It was originally given to a person who was skilled in the riding of horses or who owned many horses. The Gaelic form of the name was Mac Eachthighearna, which translates as son of the horse-lord. The names McGaha, MacGahey and McGaughey in Ireland are derived from the native Gaelic Mac Eachaidh Sept, taken from the first name Eachaidh. The main Sept was located in County Monaghan although the many variants of these names, including MacGaffey, MacCaughey and even Hackett, can mostly be found in the Province of Ulster.

Variantes: McGaha, MacEachern, MacEachen, MacEachan, MacEachin, MacEachren y otros.