McGee / Gee / McGhee / Magee

Origen: Irlandés, Escocés. The ancient name McGee was first used by the Strathclyde people of the Scottish/English Borderlands. It is derived from the Gaelic name Aodh, meaning Hugh, and the word mac, meaning son of. First found in Dumfriesshire, where they were seated from early times. The family name McGee first appeared on the census rolls taken by the ancient Kings of Scotland to determine the rate of taxation of their subjects. The Irish names McGee and Gee are derived from the native Gaelic Mag Aoidh Sept that was mainly located in the Province of Ulster in County Antrim. The name translates as meaning 'son of Hugh'. Magee is another usual form of this name which was also brought to the country by settlers from Scotland.

Variantes: McGee, MacGee, MacGhie, MacGhee, Magee, y otros.


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