The arms of the Viscount of Iveagh, the chief of the McGuinness sept

Maguinness / McGuinness / Guinness / Magennis / McGinness / McGinnis

Origen: Irlandés. Primeros encontrados en Co. Down, donde se asentaron desde epocas remotas. The Irish names McGinnis and McGuinness are derived form the native Gaelic Mag Aonghusa Sept who were located in the Province of Ulster and in County Down in particular. The name literally translates as 'Son of Angus' and variants include MacGenis and Magennis. The Magenis Clan is the first name to be recorded in Ireland with a Coat of Arms, Guinness and MacGuinness have the same Coat of Arms but recorded later. With Magenis Coat of Arms there is a motto that I am trying to get translated into English. I am not sure if it is Latin or Gaelic I have tried both and no luck yet. Here is the motto "SoLA SALUS SERVIRE DEO" The o in SoLA is raised and it has a dot under it. Translation is "To Serve God Is The Only Salvation". Magenis "Magennis, Gennis". The Magenis Clan is found in Finvoy Lodge, Co. Antrim " In the Irish Book of Arms its plate # is 71 " this is all the info I have on Magenis at this time. MacGuinness ( MagAonghusa ) "Magennis, Guinnness, Mac Genis" The MacGuinness Clan is found in Co. Down "In the Irish Book of Arms its plate is 110 and 249". The Magenis and MacGuinness are the same Clan, they have the same Coat of Arms and etc. Now my reference for this next part is from " The Book of Irish families Great and Small ". McGuinness is a very well known name in Ireland. The Guinness Brewery is connected to the family in Co. Down. The family is essentially one of the northern portions of Ireland. In Keatings History we find the pedigree of Magennis of Ui Eath, descended most anciently from Ir. Here, Aengus Og Magennis was given as the 1st of the name. Keatings also gives the " Magennises " as Lords of Iveagh, in Dal Riada ( Co. Down ). From the 12th century they ruled as Lords of Iveagh. The chief of the family name was inaugurated in Co. Down on " the footstone of Aonghuis " near Warrenpoint. This stone still exists according to some in the area. The McGuinness castle and estates at Rostrevor came into the hands of the Trevor family. Rostrevor was first known as Castle Roe ( Rory ), in honor of Rory Magenniss. Another castle of the name was at Warrenpoint known as Narrow Water Castle. The McGuinness castle at Rathfriland was passed to the Hawkins family by Charles II. The family is noted in the battles of 17th century, but their great power was destroyed at that time. Many went on to serve in foreign armies on the continent. In the census of 1659 " McGinis " is given as a name of Co. Down and " McGinnis " as a principal name of Co. Monaghan. In more modern times "McGuinness " is given in 1890 in the counties of Dublin, Monaghan and Louth. At that time the " McGinnis " spelling was said to be traditionally from Leitrim, in Manorhamilton Union. Anciently, O'Rooney served as hereditary bards and poets to the McGuinness family.

Variantes: Maguinness, Genis, Guinness, Magennis, Guinnessy, McGuinness, McGinnis, Magennis, MacGenis, y otros.

La forma moderna de este apellido es MacGuinness ó MacGenis, apellidos que derivan del irlandés MagAonghusa. Descienden de Saran, guerrero de Dal Araidhe en tiempos de St. Patrick. En el Siglo XII eran los señores más importantes de Iveagh, en Co. Down. Como muchos otros guerreros irlandeses aprovecharon en el Siglo XVII la política inglesa de "rendirse y recuperar". Previamente habían estado en desacuerdo con las autoridades eclesiasticas mostrando decidida tendencia a aceptar la Reforma; pero luego su lealtad a la antigua fé y a Irlanda no tuvo ninguna duda. Sus armas: en campo de sinople un león rampante, de oro, y en el jefe, de plata, una mano derecha cortada en la muñeca, de gules.

Según O´Hart, los Maguinness descienden de Cionog (Cionga), que era hijo de Ruadhri, ó Roru Mor, que es el Nº 62 en el pedigree de la línea de Ir. En las listas de pasajeros llegados al puerto de Buenos Aires entre 1825/1880 figuran 7 personas con este apellido.


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