Kilmurray - Kilmurry

Origen: Irlandés. This surname of KILMURRAY is rendered in Gaelic as Mac Giolla Mhuire. The name is mainly found in Fermanagh and Tyrone where it is synonymous with Gilmore and sometimes abbreviated to Murray. Kilmary is a variant in County Derry. Ireland was one of the earliest countries to evolve a system of hereditary surnames. They came into being fairly generally in the 11th century and indeed a few were formed before the year 1000. The name has many variants which include MacELMURRARY, MURREY, MURRIE and MURRY. Early records of the name mention William de Moravia, 1203, documented in Ireland. Alan de Morreff was recorded in the year 1317, ibid. In Scotland, the earldom of Sutherland was granted to William Moray in 1235. A descendant who acquired lands at Tullibardine, Perthshire in 1284, used the name Sir William de Moravia. Many Highland families migrated from Scotland to Ireland during the 17th and 18th centuries, and were granted the lands of the native Catholic Irish. People heard of the attractions of the New World, and many left Ireland to seek a better life sailing aboard the fleet of ships known as the 'White Sails', but much illness took its toll with the overcrowding of the ships which were pestilence ridden. From the port of entry many settlers made their way west, joining the wagons to the prairies, and many loyalists went to Canada about the year 1790, and became known as the United Empire Loyalists. Before the 1066 Conquest names were rare in England, the few examples found were mainly adopted by those of the clergy or one who had taken holy orders. In 1086 the conquering Duke William of Normandy commanded the Domesday Book. He wanted to know what he had and who held it, and the Book describes Old English society under its new management in minute detail. It was then that surnames began to be taken for the purposes of tax-assessment. The nobles and the upper classes were first to realise the prestige of a second name, but it was not until the 15th century that most people had acquired a second name. The associated coat of arms are recorded in Sir Bernard Burkes General Armory. Ulster King of Arms in 1884. In the Middle Ages heraldry came into use as a practical matter. It originated in the devices used to distinguish the armoured warriors in tournament and war, and was also placed on seals as marks of identity. As far as records show, true heraldry began in the middle of the 12th century, and appeared almost simultaneously in several countries of Western Europe.

Variantes: Kilmurray, Kilmurry, McElmurray, McIlmurray, McIlmorie, McIlmorow, Kilmary, y otros.




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