McQuillan / McQuilan / McQuillen

The Irish name McQuillan or McQuilan is of Norman origin having been brought to the country by the Mandeville family who established the Mac Uighilin Sept along Gaelic lines. County Antrim was the main settlement point and it is in Ulster Province that the majority of descendants can still be found. MacCullen is an occasional variant. The surname McQuillen or McQuilan is derived from the personal name Hugelin, which is a diminutive of Hugh. The Gaelic form of the name is Mac Uighilin.

Origen: Irlandés.

Variantes: McQuillan, McQuillen, McQuillian, McQuillin, McQuillon, McCailin, McAilin, MacQuillian, MacQuillon, MacCaillion, MacQuillin, MacQuillan, McKillan, McQuilland, McAiland, McAylin, McCaillion, McKillion, McKillin, McKillon, MacKillan, MacQuilland, MacAyland, MacAilan, Quillan y otros.


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