Scanlan / Scanlon / Scannell

There are at least three quite distinct septs whose descendants are now known as Scanlan, Scanlon, Scannell, etc. One is Ó Scannláin of Munster and another Mac Scannláin of Oriel (Louth), neither of which has retained the prefix O or Mac in modem times. The latter are perpetuated in the place name Ballymascanlon near Dundalk. The third, the Scanlans belonging to Co. Sligo and Co. Donegal are really O'Scannells - an instance of a common name absorbing a rarer one - for example Most Rev. Patrick O'Scanlan, Bishop of Raphoe (afterwards Archbishop of Armagh 1262-1272), was also called O'Scannell.

The names Scanlon, Scanlan and Scannell in Ireland all derive from the native Gaelic O'Scannail Sept, taken from a word meaning 'contention'. There were several distinct Septs but the most important were based in the Province of Munster and in County Cork in particular. Other Septs were located in Counties Galway, Clare and further North in Fermanagh.

Origen: Irlandés. Hay en Irlanda dos clanes diferentes cuyos descendientes llevan ahora el apellido Scanlan. Uno es el llamado O´Scannlain, de Munster, y el otro el Mac Scannlain, de Co. Louth. Las armas de los de Munster: partido, dentado, de plata y azur, tres leones rampantes, dos de azur y uno de plata.

O´Hart dice que son de la línea de Heremon, descendientes de Tuadan, hijo de Breannan, que es el Nº 100 en el pedigree de los O´Shaughnessy.

Variantes: Scanlan, O'Scannell, O'Scanlan, O'Scanlon, Scanlon, MacScanlan, Scanlin, Scannnell y otros.


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