Sheehan / Sheahan / Sheen / Shahan

The beautiful name Sheehan or Sheahan, sometimes contracted to Sheen or Shean, is the anglicisation of the Irish Ó Siodhacháin, from a diminutive of siodhach, meaning 'peaceful'. The eponymous ancestor of the family is disputed, but must have been unique among the Irish of the day to have deserved the description "peace maker". Not every scholar accepts this origin of the name, but given the fact that the sept's traditional coat of arms features a dove of peace, there will be few of the name who will want to consider any alternative. One ancient genealogy places the sept's ancestor as a brother of Brian Boru while another has him as a member of the Scanlan sept. The Book of Leinster refers to "Muintir Sidechain" from a distant relative of Brian Boru.

The names Shahan and Sheehan in Ireland are derived from the Gaelic O'Siodhachain Sept that was based in County Limerick. This name, together with the variant Sheahan, ranks among the eighty most frequently found names in the country. It is in Counties Limerick and Cork that the majority of descendants can still be found.

Sheahan es uno de los apelliods más frecuentes en Irlanda, en sus dos alternativas, O´Sheehan y Sheahan. De ellos la mayoría son de Co. Cork, y zonas limítrofes. Este apellido en irlandés es O'Siodhachain, dervidao de la palabra "Siodhach", que significa pacífico.

Su armas: en campo de azur, sobre un monte, de sinople, una paloma, de plata, teniendo en el pico una rama de olivo, de su color. Cimera: una paloma como en el escudo.

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