Hadden / Hedden

Origen: Normando. The name Hadden is of Anglo-Saxon origin and came from when the family lived in the village of Haddon which was in a number of places including Derbyshire, Dorset, Northampton and Roxburgh in Scotland. There is also a place called Hadden Hill in the county of Stafford. This place-name was originally derived from two Old English words Haeth, which means a heath, and dun which literally means a hill. Therefore the original bearers of the surname Hadden resided near or on a heather-covered hill. First found in Derbyshire where they were seated from very ancient times, some say well before the Norman Conquest and the arrival of Duke William at Hastings in 1066 A.D. The names Hadden, Hedden and Haddon in Ireland are usually of immigrant origin having been introduced into the Province of Ulster by settlers from England and Scotland, especially during the seventeenth century. It is in the Northern Counties as well as in County Louth that the majority of descendants bearing this name in Ireland can today still be found. Hadian is variant.

Variantes: Haddon, Hadden, Haddan, Haddin y otros.


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