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Origen: Escocés. The Hamilton family name, was a Norman name that came to Scotland from England. It is thought to derive from the village of Hamilton or Hameldune near Barkby in the county of Leicestershire. The village name comes from the Old English elements "hamel," which means "blunt," "flat-topped," or "crooked," and "dun," which means hill. There is a town of Hamilton near Glasgow, which took its name from the family, but may in turn have spawned more instances of the surname. First found in Renfrewshire, where they were granted lands by King Robert the Bruce of Scotland. The name Hamilton in Ireland was brought into the country by settlers from Scotland and England in the seventeeth century. Counties Antrim, Down and Tyrone were the principal settlement points and it is in these Counties that the majority of descendants can still be found.

Variantes: Hamilton, Hamelton, Hameldon, Hamildon, Hamylton, Hambleton y otros.


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