Origen: Irlandés. Hundreds of years ago, the Gaelic name used by the Hannon family in Ireland was O hAnnain, which means descendant of hAnnain. A Clan that dates back to the Sons of Milesius. To be more precise, Heber, son of Milesius. Heber had a son that ruled after him named Eoghan Taiglech (Owen the Splendid) who in turn helped to give birth to Munster's First King - Oilloill Olum - who died in 234 A.D. King Oilloill Olum himself helped to give birth to... Cormac Cas, who is a direct ancestor of all Hannons and ruled Munster until his death in 254 A.D. Historical records also show that "Hannon" was a sept of Siol Anmchadha in south-east Galway. By 1890, the surname was principally found in Counties Sligo, Roscommon, Limerick, Cork and Galway. Other spellings of the name are Hannan, Hanneen, Hannen, O'Hannon. The Irish name Hannon has derived from a number of distinct native Gaelic Septs including O'hAnnain and O'hAinchin of County Galway, and O'hAnnachain of County Limerick. Hanneen, Hanahan and Hannan are among those chosen as an alternative anglicized form of the native name. First found in county Roscommon, where they held a family seat from very ancient times and were descended from the Kings of Ireland.

Variantes: Hannon, O'Hannon, Hannen, O'Hannen, Haneen y otros.




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