Origen: Normando, Irlandés. The name Hession arrived in England after the Norman Conquest of 1066. It is a name for a door keeper to a king. Further research showed the name was derived from the Old French word l'ussier, meaning the door keeper. This job held considerable status, as it entailed knowing the rank and status of all those who would enter the King's chambers. First found in Durham where it is said they were descended from Richard de Neuville, the Admiral of Duke William's fleet, who was granted lands originally in Westmorland. His third son was entrusted with the defense of Bridgnorth in 1102. The Irish name Hession is derived from the native Gaelic O'hOisin Sept that was located in the Province of Connaught and especially in Counties Galway and Mayo. In County Tipperary this name has been changed to Hishon and the variant Usher is also sometimes used.

Variantes: Hession, Usher, Ussher y otros.