Sus armas: en campo de sínople, tres leones rampantes, dos y uno, de oro. Cimera: un semi león rampante, de oro.

El clan O'HORAN se originó en Co.Galway, de donde sus miembros pasaron a Co.Mayo. Hay otro clan gaélico de este nombre cuyo apellido era, en irlandés, O'hArrachain, nombre que también se lo ha traducido por Horan y Haran, que es distinto al primero mencionado.

Origen: Irlandés. The meaning behind the name Horan begins when the name originally appeared in Gaelic as O hOdhrain, which is derived from the word odhar, which means dun-colored. The name Horan in Ireland is derived fromthe native Gaelic O'hOdhrain Sept that was located in the Province of Connaught and particularly in County Mayo where the majority of descendants can still be found. There are a number of variants of this name including Haugrhan, Haren and Houlihan. First found in County Galway, where they held a family seat from ancient times. This distinguished tribe was descended from Eochy Moyvane who was the 124th monarch of Ireland, and from whom was descended King Niall of the Nine Hostages. King Niall was perhaps Ireland's greatest Commander King who was instrumental in routing the Romans from the British Isles. This group of tribes were known as the Septs of the Hy-Niall, and they were Chiefs of the territories in Ulster, Meath and Connacht.

Variantes: Haren, Horan, Harhan, Haran, O'Horan, O'Hourahan, O'Horahan, O'Haren, O'Harhan, O'Haran, O'Hanran y otros.




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