Origen: Escocés. The west coast of Scotland and the rocky Hebrides islands are the ancient home of the Houston family. The root of their name is the medieval Scottish given name Hugh. Houston is a patronymic surname, which belongs to the category of hereditary surnames. In general, patronyms were derived from either the first name of the father of the bearer, or from the names of famous religious and secular figures. By and large, surnames descending from one's father's name were the most common. The surname also came from the place called Houston, near Glasgow. In Old English, the name Houston, meant the settlement belonging to Hugh. First found in Renfrewshire, where they were descended from a Scottish knight, Hugh de Paduinan, who in 1165 founded the town of Houston in that shire. The name Houston in Ireland is usually of immigrant origin having been brought to the Province of Ulster by settlers who arrived from Scotland, especially during the seventeenth century. It is also sometimes derived from the native Gaelic Mac Uistin Sept who aslo anglicized their name to Hutchin, McCutcheon and Kitchen.

Variantes: Houston, Houstown, Huston, Hueston, Hughston, Hughstone, Houstone, Houstowne, Houstoun, Huestoun, Huestown, Huestowne, Hughstoun, Hughstown, Hughstowne, MacHouston, MacHuston, MacCuiston, McCuiston y otros.