Howell / Howells

Origen: Galés. The ancestors of the name Howell are thought to have lived among the ancient Britons, who inhabited in the hills and Moors of present day Wales. This particular surname was derived from the Welsh personal name Hoel, which was originally derived from the Old Welsh name Houel. This name was imported by Welsh settlers into the English counties bordering Wales. However, in the eastern English counties, the name was brought by Breton settlers; the Breton forms of the name were Houuel, Huwel, Huwal, and Howael. First found in Monmouthshire, where they held a family seat from very ancient times, some say well before the Norman Conquest and the arrival of Duke William at Hastings in 1066 A.D. The name Howell in Ireland is derived from the native Gaelic Mac Haol sept that was located in County Mayo. This Gaelic name was also anglicized as McHale. Howell and Howells were also brought into the country by settlers from England.

Variantes: Howell, Howel, Hawell, Howels, Howells, Hovell y otros.


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