Lowe / Low

The name Lowe in Ireland was brought to the North of the country by settlers in the seventeenth century. It is also an anglicized form of the Gaelic Sept name Mac Lughadha. It is in County Dublin and in the Province of Ulster that the majority of descendants can be found.

Origen: Normado. Low is one of the many names that came to England following the Norman Conquest of 1066. The Low family lived in Worcestershire. The earliest instances of the name in England appear for the most part to be of local origin; that is, derived from the name of the place where an original bearer lived or once held land. Low is most likely derived from the Old English word "hlaw," meaning "a hill." Other instances of this surname are derived from the Anglo-Norman French word "lou" or "leu," meaning a wolf, and in this case, the name was most likely a nickname for a crafty or dangerous person.

Variantes: Low, Lowe, Lowes, Lowis, Lowse, Low, McLoy y otros.

Motto: I hope for better things.


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"Don Nicolás Lowe - Ejemplo de una familia irlandesa de Mercedes, BsAs" - Prof. Mónica Brown, ISFDyT “Ciudad de Mercedes”, Instituto Belgraniano de Mercedes, Instituto “Juan Manuel de Rosas” de Mercedes - Trabajo presentado en “Jornada de Historia Sesquicentenario de Realidades Mercedinas” 12  y 13 de Junio de 2004, Mercedes, Buenos Aires.
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