McTigue / Tighe / McTighe / Teague

The name McTigue in Ireland is derived from a number of distinct Gaelic O'Taidgh Septs who adopted Tighe, McTighe or Teague as the anglicized version of their name. MacTeague, Tye and Kangley are other variants of this name that is found mostly in the Province of Connaught.

Origen: Irlandés. First found in county Galway where they held a family seat from ancient times.

Variantes: MacTeige, McTeige, MacTigue, McTigue, MacCaig, MacCaige, McCaig, McCaige, MacKaig, McKaig, MacKeague, McKeague, McKeage, MacTague y otros.

Motto: May I neither dread nor desire the last day.


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