Tucker / Tuckey (Devon)
Tucker / Tuckey (Dublin)


The Tucker surname is derived from the Gaelic O Tuathair or O Tuachair meaning "people dear." According to Woulfe, this was the name of two distinct septs, one of the Ely-O'Carroll territory of north Tipperary and South Offaly, and the other of north Connacht. Both of these septs have had their names Anglicized to several similar variations of Tucker over the years. First found in Tipperary, Offaly and Ulster. One of the ancient septs of this name was mentioned in the Annals in Ulster as early as 1126; thus pre-dating the Anglo-Normans.

Origen: Irlandés.

Variantes: Toher, Togher, Tougher, Taugher, Toukere, Togher, Taugher, Tucker, Tuckey y otros.

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